American Made Brands

Posted by Pinto Ranch on Aug 6th 2020

During these uncertain times, it has become even more important for Americans to invest in American Made products. Besides showing patriotism, supporting American businesses helps the economy and contributes to a brighter future for the entire country.

Our American Makers collection offers superior quality and exceptional craftsmanship that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Here, we’re featuring the work of some of our favorite artisans, all made right here in the USA.

Founded in Oregon, William Henry is renowned for creating award-winning pocket knives crafted with honor and integrity. The incorporation of natural materials, precious metals and gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys is a hallmark of the brand.

California based artist and silversmith Kenton Michael creates handcrafted men’s jewelry from leather, silver, stones, and other unique materials. He believes that his products are more than just jewelry, “It is to be worn as Armor. A reminder for each man who wears it to take on each day with great character and courage.”

Our line of accessories features exclusive styles that exhibit the best craftsmanship America has to offer. Master craftsman, Julio Peña, creates leather accessories right out of the Houston flagship store, and you can also find one-of-a-kind sterling silver pieces exclusive to Pinto Ranch.

Dallas designer Deepa Lal was formally trained as a silversmith with a love for sterling silver, turquoise and natural gemstones. Born in India and raised in Texas, she lets her travels around the world and her home in Dallas influence her Wanderer aesthetic. Today, she travels often and continues to select pieces and parts from artisans all over the world. She designs and make her jewelry in Dallas, Texas. Pinto Ranch has a wide array of pieces that remind her of growing up in Texas. Choose from Sterling silver and pure silver rings, earrings, and from the many necklaces that are made exclusively for Pinto Ranch. Find a bit of the wanderer in your love for wide open spaces when you wear one of her Breathe Deep Designs.

Ticklebutton Jewels

Inspired by the classic bohemian style of her parents, Ann Vlach creates elegant Southwestern-inspired jewelry with bohemian flair. She believes in creating affordable pieces that will last forever by using sterling silver and genuine stones whenever possible.

Rocki Gorman

Rocki Gorman features handcrafted jewelry that incorporates beautiful gemstones and love. This unique jewelry brand is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Wrapped to Wear

Each piece uses genuine leather that’s adorned with gem stones, precious metals, and other natural stones sourced both locally and globally.