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New and Different Straw Cowboy Hats for Summer

Posted by Pinto Ranch on

best straw cowboy hats for summer

The first hats were worn approximately 26,000 years ago. We can only assume straw cowboy hats weren’t far behind and, so we can also assume straw cowboy hat season has been around for a while, too, because our little planet gets really really hot.

Using this totally sound and reasonable reasoning, we can deduce that there have been at least 25,432 straw hat seasons since hats were invented. Naturally.

We have five straw cowboy hats for your Summer style. Some are new, some are classics, and they all look really good. Like, so good. Seriously.

Stetson Open Road 6X Straw Cowboy Hat

Open Road Straw Hat, $75; Stetson / Midnight Double Faced Plaid Shirt, $175; Ryan Michael.

Iconic and compact, this classic from Stetson is the understated hat of the season. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling down open roads or not, this hat brings adventure to your every day life in bite-sized doses.

The heads of many musicians, writers, and explorers call this hat home.

Bullhide No Rules Straw Cowboy Hat

No Rules Straw Hat, $59; Bullhide / Pari Tunic, $235; Johnny Was / Assorted jewelry.

Make your own rules.

This hat from Bullhide is fun, trendy, and versatile. It will stand up to the sun, the wind, and the rain, and you can re-shape the brim however you want. It will take a dusting and keep going.

Where this hat how you want. Don’t let us tell you what to do with it.

Resistol George Strait Centerline Straw Cowboy Hat

We love George Strait. Who doesn’t? He’s adorable, for one. He’s got great taste in hats, for two.

This particular George Strait hat, hecho en Mexico, has a special feel to it. From the weaving to the hat band, this hat sports a natural color that’s uncommon amongst other straw hats.

Plus, this hat is rugged. It’s tougher than other straw hats.

We don’t exactly know what a centerline is, but we like the centerline hat a lot. It stands out in the world of straw cowboy hats.

Resistol George Strait Centerline Straw Cowboy Hat

Diamond Jim Hat, $105; Stetson.

Channel your inner adventurer with the Diamond Jim straw hat from Stetson.

“You call that a hat? This, is a hat.“

We can’t help but feel Stetson was inspired by hunting gators in the land down under when they came up with this one. With its alternative brim and pinch crown, this is a cowboy hat’s cousin. If you’re looking for something different this summer, this is the way to go.

Bullhide Blue Into You Straw Cowboy Hat

At first this straw hat came with more questions than answers. Why is it blue? Is it made from bluegrass? Who is this hat into?

Where can I get one now? Is this what true love feels like?

We’re sad to say we don’t think hats feel love. Sorry about that. All the same, we love this hat. It’s definitely a cowboy hat, and the blue and black look helps it stand out in the crowd. Simply put, this hat is fun. We need more fun in our lives, so why not make the fun choice this summer?

It’s straw cowboy hat season. Join the Pinto Ranch family in giving your head a brand new straw hat to call home for the season.

You can see all our straw hats, including the ones above, in our straw cowboy hat section.

Into You Blue Straw Hat, $49; Bullhide / Kudzoo Dress, $270; Double D Ranch.

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