The Pinto Ranch Standard 2.0

We've spent the last 15 yrs. partnering with the best boot makers in Texas to curate our collection of premium handmade boots. Boot makers who know their craft using premium leathers and tried and true techniques. Generations of boot makers continuing an artisan legacy. Every pair of our boots meet our design and all leather handmade criteria. That’s why they are more than just handmade... they’re the best. 

Because not all boots are created equal, we put together this nifty guide to show how The Pinto Ranch Standard measures up to those other guys.

We’ve curated the best bootmakers in the U.S. to make boots that meet our design requirements and our all leather handmade criteria. Know what’s in your boot. It’s the difference between comfort, longevity and the ability to re-sole in the years to come.


  • Hand-lasted all leather uppers with cream cow leather lining – the best you can get. You will definitely feel the difference inside and out.

  • Channeled leather insoles form to your feet and allow them to breathe. Most importantly, it is the main differentiator from other boots that use a preformed manmade insole.

  • Leather heel counters that will form to your feet with wear and give you the best fit and comfort.

  • Full-size hammered steel shanks give you maximum arch support secured by lemonwood pegs.

  • Premium leather outsoles which can be resoled giving you years of wear.

  • Premium stacked leather heels.

Watch how boots are made.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have said about our boots. These aren’t tall tales but bona fide testimonials!

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Testimonial 3

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